Server Status

Please note:

The Server Status page shows if the login and game servers are online or offline, however during maintenance times (weekly on Wednesdays) the servers are often "online" to internal access only while testing occurs, but are not open to the public. Please be sure to check the regular weekly maintenance notice in order to know what the downtime time frame is. During that time frame, this page may list the servers as being "online" despite that players cannot log in to them.

Regular Weekly Maintenance:

Every Wednesday between approximately 05:00 and 09:00 (GMT-8), all game servers are brought down for periodic maintenance. For more detailed information on weekly maintenances and their estimated durations, please see the latest maintenance notice in the News section.

This page updates within 5 minutes of any changes to the server.

Learn more about the servers on the Server Selection page.

Server Name Status Population
Login Online N/A
Chronos Online Normal
Naia Online Normal
Shilen Online Light
Magmeld Online Light
Bartz Online Light