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Lineage II fan sites are renowned for being informative and fun places run by passionate and devoted players.

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Fan Site Name Language Description
Guide Forge Polish

We provide Polish audience with video guides and news for NCsoft games. At the moment our main focus is Lineage 2. We'll be glad to answer any questions.

Terragamers L2 Wiki English

Complete L2 Goddess of Destruction site with the most current info on Gear, Skills, Quests, Monster Drop Tables, Future updates and weekly Korean Patch notes.

Lineage Realm English

Lineage Realm is a informative website which provides information such as: Skills, DropCalculator, Quest- and Instance Walkthroughs. Become a part of the realm!

Lineage 2 YouTube English

Lineage 2 High Quality youtube videos featuring quests, raid bosses, instances and PvP action.

EOGamer English

Premium fan site featuring comprehensive guides and information in wiki format, videos and news.

Lineage 2 Role-Playing Association English

Promoting role-play and character development since Open Beta.

marw's Lineage II blog Czech

My blog about my "life" in world of Lineage II.

Lineage II - Truly Free Thai

L2inter Thai gamers community

L2GC English gives up to date news and information for Lineage2. Including Guides, Skills and Classes for Goddess of Destruction.

Lineage2 - Goddess of Destruction International

It is a group in Facebook, that i created for people who play Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction and who would like to join in.

Lineage II JeuxOnLine French

Lineage II fan site on the french portal JeuxOnLine.

Lineage 2 Wiki English

Lineage 2 Wiki is a Wikia collaborative project to create the most complete wiki about Lineage II Goddess of Destruction. Polish, International

We are one of the largest websites on Lineage 2 in Poland have the most extensive collection of information on the Lineage 2. We invite you to visit us.