Clan Site Submission Form

Why Have a Clan Site?

A clan is a collection of players that agree to form an organization that is recognized by the game mechanics as a unique unit. Players form clans to pursue similar ambitions, become friends, schedule their play time, and much more. Read more about clans here. Having a clan website is useful in many ways, such as for recruitment, out-of-game chat with clanmates, scheduling clan raids and activities, and more!

Browse current clan listings by choosing a server in the navigation panel on the right-side of the screen.

Tips for having a good clan website:

  • Say clearly on your homepage what server you are on and if you are recruiting or not.
  • List your clan's level, war status, Clan Hall status, and all other relevant details in an easy-to-find and concise manner.
  • Make it easy for a player to contact you about recruitment.
  • Update your website, especially when your clan changes in level, recruitment status, or goal.

Submit Your Clan Site

If your clan has a website, you can have your own listing on the official Lineage II website! For a clan site to be officially recognized it must meet certain requirements. These requirements are subject to change at any time at NCSOFT's discretion. If a listed clan website is found to not meet the requirements, it may be removed from the listings without notice. Please be sure to keep your site up to date.

Clan, Form, and Clan Site Requirements:

  • Only the clan leader may send the application.
  • Clan must be on an existing NCSOFT West server.
  • Clan must have a functional clan website with a valid URL.
  • Clan site homepage must have clear mention of the following visible at the top of page:
    • Clan name (exactly as it appears in-game)
    • The name of game ("Lineage II")
    • Recruitment information for non-members
    • (optional but preferable) Server name
  • Clan site contains nothing that violates the Lineage II User Agreement and does not directly link to any websites that contain anti-EULA material. This also includes links, names, and advertisements of non-official servers.

Please note submitting your clan site for listing is not an automatic process. Each request is reviewed individually by a human being and the clan website is checked for validity. It may take a few days for your listing request to be processed and completed.

* The information marked with this symbol is confidential and will not be included with your listing.



Need to update your listing?

If your clan is already listed but you need to change its details, please fill out the form again and re-submit. You may be contacted at your email address to confirm the overwrite of your old listing. Please note that if you wish to only update the Brief Description of Your Clan, you may do so once per month.