Thank You!

Battle Tournament 2013 Registrations are now closed.
Thank you everyone for your interest!
Come back on March 27th to discover the qualified teams and the full tournament schedule. Also, we have a special surprise for those who registered but weren’t among the first 32 teams!

Registration Information

  1. The team information (team name, server name) cannot be changed once entered
  2. The team name must contain 1-8 characters and cannot have any special characters
  3. Only the team representative can request a change to the registration form
  4. The team members, including the team representative, must be composed of 7 different Awakening classes. 2 team members cannot be of the same class
  5. Each team can have up to 2 reserve team members in case some team members cannot attend a match
  6. A team member that has been registered cannot register for another team
  7. If one of the participant’s information is incorrect, the team leader will be contacted to correct the registration. If not answered, the team will not be qualified for the Battle Tournament
  8. The Team Representative must pay a participation fee of 350 million adena
  9. The participation fee will be collected only if the team is qualified to enter the tournament

Team Information

1-8 characters

Team Representative

Team Members

Character Name Character Class Character Level
1 *
2 *
3 *
4 *
5 *
6 *
7 *

Reserve Team Members

Character Name Character Class Character Level